Yves Boutonnat IMP Trophy Award 2016

Any organization involved in generic dairy marketing can become a member of the International Milk Promotion group (IMP), and today IMP has approximately 17 member countries. The IMP group is a permanent Task Force of IDF through the Standing Committee on Marketing. Our main strategic interests are to exchange information about marketing developments in the dairy business, identify market trends and new consumer behaviour, and share experiences about communication, marketing and promotional strategies, as well as methods and activities to add value to dairy and stimulate growth in the dairy sector.

At the annual IMP mid-year meeting, members provide case studies for presentation and discussion. Every member can also submit one or more entries to the Yves Boutonnat IMP Trophy Award. The cases presented must follow specific rules, and all members present at the meeting vote for the presentation demonstrating the best practice, based upon a predefined voting system.
From the results of this vote, three finalists are selected to present their case at the marketing conference at the IDF World Dairy Summit.
This year, the IMP mid-year meeting was held in California. After the presentations and voting the three finalists were as follows:

  1. “Let us not forget the milk producers – a campaign to support French dairy farmers” by CNIEL in France.
  2. “Moving kids back to the farm” by Dairy Council of California.
  3. “Promoting dairy for teenage healthy living” by National Dairy Council in the Republic of Ireland.

Announced at the Gala Dinner, the winner of the Yves Boutonnat IMP Trophy Award for 2016 is the National Dairy Council from Ireland with “Promoting dairy for teenage healthy living”. Congratulations.