Tour 7: A Taste of Dairying 2

Friday 21 October 2016

7.1 DSM – Delft – The science behind food innovations

7.2 Royal Bel Leerdammer – Schoonrewoerd – Production of Leerdammer cheese


7.1 DSM – Delft DSM1

As the world’s leading supplier of solutions for the dairy industry, DSM helps improve and enhance the quality of the entire dairy value chain – from cow to consumer. DSM is a leading producer of enzymes, cultures, probiotics and nutritional ingredients, as well as food protection solutions and antibiotic residue tests.

On 20 and 21 October, DSM will proudly open its doors to the World Dairy Summit visitors in Delft. Guests are welcome to see facilities such as the Food Innovation Centre, taste some excellent samples and understand the science behind all of DSM’s innovative solutions.DSM2

DSM works closely with its customers and helps dairy producers to achieve their goals, not only by delivering them the best product available, but also by supporting them with its knowledge, expertise and service.

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7.2 Royal Bel Leerdammer – Schoonrewoerd bel1

Leerdammer®’s story begins in Holland. In 1974, two Dutch cheese makers developed a new cheese with holes by combining Gouda and Emmental cheeses. From the start, Leerdammer® blended the best Dutch cheese traditions with a novel hazelnut taste that has won over European consumers.

In 2002, Leerdammer® joined the Bel family of brands. Innovation and fun became strong attributes of the brand, which was already as well known for its distinctive taste as for its offbeat commercials.



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