Tour 6: The Milky Way

Friday 21 October 2016

6.1 Dairy Campus – Leeuwarden – Experimental farm for dairy education and research

6.2 DOC – Hoogeveen – Modern high capacity cheese production/whey processing


6.1 Dairy Campus – Leeuwarden
Dairy_Campus 1DCIM100MEDIADJI_0100.JPGThe Dutch dairy chain, fuelled by more than 18,000 dairy farmers, is currently facing a huge challenge: it must realise sustainable development, while simultaneously enhancing and expanding its position in an increasingly global market. If this challenge is to be met, it is essential that all parties in the milk and dairy chains join forces and cooperate.

Dairy Campus is the place where all these parties come together. Boasting 550 dairy cattle, more than 300 hectares of land, and training and conference facilities, it is an inspiring meeting place. Passionate entrepreneurs, scientists, teachers and students work together here.

The demand from the dairy industry is central to Dairy Campus. We develop new knowledge for companies in the dairy chain, like farmers, suppliers and dairy companies. And apply this to innovative products and processes.

In addition to innovation and research, education by learning in practice and sharing knowledge are of great importance. Students of secondary and higher professional education and universities work on their internship or their graduation project here.

Over the past 1,5 year this unique location has been renewed completely. It has been developed into a unique innovation complex for the dairy sector. All to ensure that we can continue producing safe milk in the future, with respect for mankind, animals and the environment.

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6.2 DOC – Hoogeveen

DOCDutch Original Cheese. The name says it all. DOC, established in 1895, is the second largest Dutch dairy cooperative, with more than 1200 farmer members. It is specialized in the production and marketing of Dutch naturally ripened and rindless cheeses, both naturally ripened cheese and foil-ripened cheese produced for industrial processing and the food service and retail sectors.

The large cheese factory at Hoogeveen Dairy Park opened in 2003 and is equipped with the most modern cheese production technology. Continuous quality control is the basis under a fully BRC and GMP certified production process.

The visit will highlight the production process of DOC Cheese, e.g. milk intake, pre-treatment of milk, cheese making tanks, casomatics, cheese pressing, brining, warehouse and whey processing.
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