Tour 4: Food Safety & Quality

Thursday 20 October 2016

4.1 GD Animal Health – Deventer – Supporting in animal health and animal production

4.2 Qlip – Zutphen – Dairy quality assurance, raw milk and dairy product testing

4.3 Rikilt – Wageningen – Independent research on safe and reliable food


4.1 GD Animal Health – Deventer

GD1The principal goal of GD Animal Health is ‘Teaming up for animal health, in the interest of animals, their owners and society at large’. Good health is in the interest of animals and contributes to sustainable farming. This work fulfils the wishes of a society that wants eco-friendly food that is tasty, safe and healthy. GD Animal Health has been working on these goals for almost a hundred years.

GD Animal Health in Deventer is an innovative company, active in the Dutch and international markets. Along with animal owners, veterinary practices, governments and businesses, around 400 employees work daily on the health of livestock and companion animals.

The heart of our company is formed by one of the largest veterinary laboratories in the world. In addition, GD Animal Health has a team of veterinarians, specialists and scientists to perform monitoring, applied research and development programmes for disease prevention and control.

GD Animal Health acts as partner in many international projects related to animal health, such as disease-control programmes, monitoring programmes, the establishment of veterinary diagnostic labs, and lab capacity building projects. Successful projects include disease (mastitis) control programmes, risk-analysis studies, epidemiological studies, legal aspects of food safety related to animal products, IT infrastructure, capacity building of veterinary diagnostic laboratories and training of vets and laboratory staff.

For an interesting video see to watch an interesting video on our company.


4.2 Qlip – Zutphen

Qlip2Qlip supports stakeholders in the agrofood sector, in particular companies in the dairy chain, to secure and strengthen their prominent market positions by being a leading, reliable and committed partner in the area of food safety, quality, composition and sustainability. Her key activities are:

  • Audits, inspections & certification throughout the dairy chain
  • Milk payment testing
  • Milk recording analysis
  • Dairy product analysis

The Qlip laboratory in Zutphen annually processes around 2.3 million herd bulk milk samples and more than 12 million individual cow milk samples with a state of the art testing system. Dutch dairy farmers and herd improvement organizations base their policies on the generated data and management information from Qlip.

Qlip1Qlip’s chemical and microbiological laboratories analyses more than 450,000 samples per year for a wide range of customers around the globe. Testing mainly applies to raw and heat-treated milk, cheese and cheese products, butter, powdered milk products and infant formula and focuses on compositional analysis, microbiological quality and residues and contaminants.

Moreover, customers are supplied with pilot samples, calibration series and can participate in the Qlip ring trials.

The impartiality and quality of her services is illustrated by the five accreditations granted by the Dutch Accreditation Council. More information can be found at


4.3 Rikilt – Wageningen

RIKILT Wageningen UR is part of the internationally renowned knowledge organisation Wageningen University & Research. RIKILT is conducting independent research on safe and reliable food. We specialise in state-of-the-art analyses of food and feed substances. We determine contaminants in food and study their toxicological effects, authenticate food, and perform forensic research. It is our task to monitor trends in the food production chain and to identify emerging risks. We advise governments and businesses and provide a broad range of training activities. RIKILT is also National and EU Reference Laboratory.

Presentations during the visit will focus on:

  • Milk fraud
  • Prohibited growth promoters to stimulate milk production
  • Mycotoxins in milk



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