Tour 2: A Taste of Dairying 1

Thursday 20 October 2016

2.1 DSM – Delft – The science behind food innovations

2.2 Yakult Europe – Almere – Production of probiotic dairy drinks

2.3 Farmhouse Dairy “De Twee Hoeven” – Haastrecht – Dairy farm and farmhouse cheese production.


2.1 DSM – Delft DSM1

As the world’s leading supplier of solutions for the dairy industry, DSM helps improve and enhance the quality of the entire dairy value chain – from cow to consumer. DSM is a leading producer of enzymes, cultures, probiotics and nutritional ingredients, as well as food protection solutions and antibiotic residue tests.

On 20 and 21 October, DSM will proudly open its doors to the World Dairy Summit visitors in Delft. Guests are welcome to see facilities such as the Food Innovation Centre, taste some DSM2excellent samples and understand the science behind all of DSM’s innovative solutions.

DSM works closely with its customers and helps dairy producers to achieve their goals, not only by delivering them the best product available, but also by supporting them with its knowledge, expertise and service.

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2.2 Yakult Europe – Almere Yakult1

Yakult was developed in 1935 by her founding father scientist Dr. Shirota. The famous little bottle is available in 33 countries. Worldwide more than 30 million bottles are consumed every day. In 1994 the European headquarters of Yakult started production in Almere, The Netherlands. Since the beginning Yakult has welcomed visitors to come and see the production process of Yakult. Last year, about 15.000 visitors were hosted.

Visitors are welcomed with coffee or tea and during the factory Yakult2tour visitors receive information about the company history and the production process. After the presentation, the visitors are guided through the factory to see the actual production process of Yakult. When leaving, visitors receive a goodie bag.


2.3 Farmhouse Dairy “De Twee Hoeven” – Haastrecht

De Twee Hoeven (Two Farms) is a dairy farm with a long tradition in on-farm cheese making. The Den Boer family exploits over 70 hectares of pasture and milks boerenkaas-1024x1024over 150 dairy cows in the vicinity of Gouda. Every day, part of the milk is processed into a wide variety of Gouda type farm house cheeses. Besides cheese, their farm shops offers also other traditional Dutch farm products like butter, other typical fermented products, jellies, mustard, wooden clogs and more. The plan for a new cheese production facility is illustrative for the still lively ambition of this entrepreneurial family.

After a welcome, you will be invited to join in a farm tour and will be provided an explanation about the traditional Dutch cheese making process. A taste session in the hay barn will put a worthy ending to this visit.



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