Zoe Kavanagh


Zoe Kavanagh has held the position of Chief Executive at The National Dairy Council since 2011. Key NDC activities include the positive positioning of milk production & dairy products in the minds of consumers and, ultimately, an industry Reputation rooted in impeccable quality standards.

Prior to her role with The National Dairy Council, Ms. Kavanagh worked with PepsiCo for over 16 years including General Manager (Ireland-Beverages) for almost 4 years.

A BAgSc graduate from UCD (Agriculture & Food Engineering) in 1994, her previous roles with PepsiCo included International Account Manager for foodservice (responsible for 13 European markets); and International Customer Operations Manager.   Ms. Kavanagh has worked with leading household brand names including 7Up, Pepsi and Gatorade.

It’s an exciting time to work in the Dairy sector given the positive outlook. Ireland is uniquely positioned to leverage its sustainable pasture-based system & quality standards. Ms. Kavanagh brings to the Diary sector a unique level of commercial and marketing experience spanning the Brand, Consumer and Foodservice sectors.

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