Véronique Pilet


“Véronique Pilet holds an MSc in Agricultural Economics. She has been working in the dairy industry since 2006 and is currently Head of Economics at French Dairy Inter-branch Organisation CNIEL. Headquartered at La Maison du Lait in Paris, the organisation represents both dairy farmers and processors.  Véronique is also an active member and Deputy-Chair of the International Dairy Federation’s Standing Committee on Dairy Policies and Economics, and Editor-in-Chief of the annual IDF World Dairy Situation bulletin.”



We are pleased to present the 2016 World Dairy Situation Report. This highly valuable publication is produced annually as part of the IDF’s mission to represent and support the dairy industry globally. The report contains a wealth of data tables, graphs, analyses and information on the international dairy sector- starting with milk production, and moving to processing and consumption. It also covers trade and pricing for more than fifty dairy-producing countries from all five continents. This year’s presentation will also include information on global dairy consumption trends. We will present the main findings of the Global Marketing Trends survey- a joint effort between IDF’s Standing Committees on Marketing, and Dairy Policies and Economics.

  1. PILET1
    1CNIEL Centre National Interprofessionnel dd’Economie Laitière French Dairy In, Paris, France 

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