Toon van Hooijdonk


Toon van Hooijdonk (1948) is since 2007 special professor in Dairy Science & Technology at the Wageningen University. The chair has the dual responsibility of educating international students on a MSc level in dairy and executing research on milk. The latter is focused on the composition of milk over the dairy chain. The relation between variation in milk composition and product processing, nutrition and sustainability are important research areas.

In 2013 he retired at FrieslandCampina where he hold the position of Global R&D Director after the merger between Friesland Foods and Campina in 2009. Toon was responsible of integrating the two R&D Center’s, resulting in a new Innovation Center at the Wageningen UR Campus.

Prior to the merger he hold an equivalent position at Campina. Before joining Campina he worked for Unilever Research in the UK and for NIZO Food Research. He obtained his MSc and PhD at Wageningen University in food technology

Toon van Hooijdonk always has been active in a several of organizations supporting directly or indirectly the interests of the dairy industry. He was in the boards of TIFN, Food Valley Foundation and the Global dairy platform.

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