Sophie Bertrand


Sophie Bertrand

Environment manager

French Dairy Interbranch Organisation, France

Sophie Bertrand has been working for the French Dairy Interbranch Organisation as environment manager since April 2012. She manages the technical program of work on environment of the French dairy sector. She makes the link between scientific research and the need of the industry to improve environmental performance of the French dairy chain on a range of environmental criteria . Previously she spent 9 years at the French Livestock Institute as environment project leader where she was leading scientific projects on environmental impact of dairy farming systems. She’s also being involved in the IDF for the last 10 years as action team leader on environmental issues at farm level, carbon footprint, and chair of the standing committee on environment. She is actually leader of the action team on biodiversity and Former Chair of the standing committee on environment.



IDF Biodiversity guidance, Indicators for Biodiversity to measure progress on the actions taken. Relation of the IDF Biodiversity Guidance to the FAO Leap Biodiversity approach about Pressure-State-Response indicators (PSR) and the National Capital Protocol

S. Bertrand, CNIEL, French Dairy Inter branch Organization, France.

At the International Dairy sector level, the IDF managed to build a consensus on a common approach for biodiversity assessment, through the publication of an IDF bulletin (in preparation) in 2016. Due to the complexity of biodiversity issues that are very local context dependent, the consensus has been found on main principles to follow, but not on a specific method or indicator.

At the livestock sector level, the FAO managed also to build a consensus in collaboration with the IDF. A guide has been published in 2015, recommending the PSR (pressure, state, response) approach for biodiversity assessment. The FAO guide and the IDF approach are aligned on the main principles.

At the global sector level, the Nature Capital Coalition published in july 2016 the Natural Capital Protocol that gives a global framework to assess biodiversity issues in the business sector. This framework is a lot more general than the approach of the FAO and the IDF but still follows the same principles.

The presentation will clarify the content of each approach cited above and show the link between them, after having highlighted the challenges in the assessment of biodiversity in the dairy sector.

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