Remco Kort


Professor Remco Kort is microbiologist at TNO (The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research), holds the TNO Chair Microbial Genomics at the VU University Amsterdam, is Professor at Micropia (world’s first microbe museum), and is one of the founders of the Yoba for Life foundation. He has a degree in Molecular Sciences from Wageningen University and a PhD in molecular microbiology from the University of Amsterdam. He has worked extensively for the food industry and has been active over the last five years in East Africa with Yoba for Life.



Improving health and wealth in East Africa: How local and large-scale production of a yoghurt drink can overcome the challenge of diarrhea in rural Africa.

The not-for-profit Yoba for Life Foundation is spearheading the introduction of probiotics to East Africa with a locally produced probiotic yoghurt drink that’s tackling major health problems and providing a boost for local economies.  Today it’s helping to tackle rota-virus associated diarrhea – a major cause of infant death in sub-Saharan Africa – among Uganda’s rural population.  Weekly sales currently stand at over 8,000 litres.  Yoba has benefitted over ten thousands of people – both consumers and producers – and has the potential to help hundreds of thousands more in the near future.

This presentation details the creation of Yoba’s probiotic starter culture and how it is overcoming the production challenges associated with bringing probiotics to the African continent.


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