Phil Kelly


Dr Phil Kelly recently retired as Senior Principal Research Officer at Teagasc Food Research Centre, Moorepark having served for 22 years in research management as Departmental Head in Dairy Technology, Food Ingredients and Food Processing & Functionality. He received his primary and post-graduate degrees at University College Cork, Ireland including: B.Sc Dairy & Food Science, M.Sc Dairy Engineering, PhD, and MBA. His early working career included a period as Dairy Engineer with Westfalia Separator (Ireland) Ltd. He currently mentors a number of PhD researchers

His research interests include physico-chemical and functional changes to milk and milk-derived streams during processing, especially concentration and dehydration; exploitation of novel technologies especially developments in membrane separation for targeted enrichment and enhanced functionality of milk components for food formulation, infant nutrition and cheesemaking applications.

He has a long association with the International Dairy Federation: current member of its Scientific Programme Coordination Committee (SPCC), National Secretary, Irish National Committee of the International Dairy Federation; Member of IDF’s Commission B – Science, Engineering & Technology (1998-2000); Member of the IDF’s Standing Committee for Dairy Science and Technology (2000 to date); Chair of IDF’s Standing Committee for Dairy Science and Technology (2007-2011); Member of IDF’s scientific adjudication committee for the annual IDF Award (2006-2008 and 2010-2012).

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