Patrick Murphy


Patrick Murphy, Head of Environment Knowledge Transfer in Teagasc and based at  Johnstown Castle, Wexford. Pat Murphy graduated with a B.Agr.Sc. from UCD in 1984, an M.Agr.Sc from UCD in 1986 and an M.Sc in Economic Policy Studies from TCD in 2008. In 2010 he was appointed head of the Environment Knowledge Transfer Department with responsibility for providing leadership to the environment component of the Teagasc advisory service. This role includes the delivery of support services in relation to Agri-Environmental Schemes and in the integration of environmental best practice into Teagasc Advice.



Carbon Navigator – a tool to improve carbon efficiency

Speaker: Pat Murphy – Environment Knowledge Transfer Teagasc

The Carbon Navigator has been developed to support the objective of reducing the carbon intensity of the dairy and beef sectors of Irish agriculture. The system is designed as a knowledge transfer tool aimed at supporting the realisation at farm level of the mitigation potential. The objective of this presentation is to introduce the carbon navigator, outline how it is being implemented and provide some feedback on how it is being received by farmers.

It is recognised that there is a key role for knowledge transfer in reducing agricultural GHG emissions. However, there is a lot less clarity on how this role can be fulfilled. The Carbon Navigator has been introduced as a potential aid to achieving improved adoption of emissions reducing technologies and practices at farm level in Ireland. The presentation outlines the criteria guiding the selection of mitigation technologies and practices included in the system. The approach of developing the Carbon Navigator to integrate into existing infrastructure and data systems as well as into the existing knowledge transfer systems is outlined. The challenge of engaging farmers with the process through integration into a range of knowledge transfer initiatives is discussed.

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