Manuel Madani


Working for over 5 years in the food & agri industry of Southeast Asia. As a business promoter, Living in Thailand, Manuel connects foreign companies to local operating diary, poultry, aquatic and cattle companies in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and India.

Manuel co-developed leading agricultural trade fairs, conferences, supported trade missions, led consortiums and road shows for VNU Asia Pacific.

International dairy businesses can be very successful when conducting Asian approach by educating the industry and professionals and by building up strong customer relations.

Graduated in business administration at the University of Barcelona, International business and languages at the University of Applied science of the Avans Hogeschool in the Netherlands.



“Dairy opportunities from an Asian perspective: Indonesia & Vietnam”

Why you should invest in non-traditional dairy countries Indonesia & Vietnam


Both non-traditional dairy consuming countries are growing rapidly. Much need to be done to create a mature value chain, both upstream and downstream both countries have a long way to go. Slowly but surely different opportunities are appear through the entire chain.

Where to begin, What expect, how to (co-) develop and to grow is your major focus area.



Best practices e enter and develop your dairy industry in Indonesia and Vietnam:

5 Simple Steps To An successful in non-traditional dairy countries

Finding the path after endless efforts to enter Asian protective dairy countries can be very difficult. A growing industry is always protected and offer you barriers to learn from, showing you the right way.

The Southeast Asian dairy consumption is fast growing. A major lack of knowledge and solutions lead year to year production losses and errors. With the right drivers and expertise you can enter making a difference in the both dairy industries.

There is an urgent need for transforming the smallholder dairy farming to be driven by public private partnership collaboration.

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