Li Shengli


Dr. Li Shengli is the professor of College of Animal Science and Technology, China Agricultural University. He engaged in researches of ruminant nutrition and feed processing, nutritional value evaluation of dairy feed, establishment of China dairy feeding standards, and dairy farm management. He serves as senior scientist of National Dairy Industry and Technology System, council chairman of Cattle Branch of Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, associate director of State Key Laboratory of Animal Nutrition, executive member of Council of Dairy Association of China, director of Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Center, director of Sino-US Dairy Research and Development Center.



Dairy chain development in China

China dairy chain includes forage planting, dairy farming, dairy processing plants, the supervision department, the third party service enterprises etc. China’s dairy industry chain supervision department, including the Ministry of agriculture, Quality Supervision Bureau, industry and commerce administration, Ministry of health and the Ministry of environmental protection and other departments. According to the reports, in 2015, there were 8.5 million Chinese Holstein cows among the country, and around 8,000 dairy farms which holding over 100 cows on each farm. The dairy herds of cattle enterprise and shareholding proportion reached 20%. Most dairy farmers get silage from crop farmers through contractual procurement, and 50% of the high quality hay was obtained through imports. Dairy cattle farming resources including feeds, veterinary drugs, frozen sperm, equipment, software, etc. are supplied by independent service enterprises. The cost of raw milk production is high, the degree of industrial integration is low, steady development of the industry is facing severe challenges.

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