Jurgen Jansen


After achieving a master in Food Science & Technology from Wageningen University (NL) in 1991, Jurgen Jansen worked in agricultural research at ATO-DLO (Wageningen, NL) for three years. He then served FAO for almost five years as a junior professional in the field of food and agro-technology at different duty stations (Santiago/Chile & Accra/Ghana). Between 1999 and 2015 he worked at the Information Department of the Dutch Dairy Board, in various positions, both related to international market information and, at later stage, labour issues. In addition to that, Mr. Jansen was appointed IDF National Secretary of the Netherlands in November 2014. In that capacity, he is also member of the IDF WDS2016 Organizing Committee and took responsibility as Conference Manager for Dairy Policies & Economics.

Since the beginning of 2015, Mr. Jansen has been working for the newly established Dutch dairy chain organization ZuivelNL (DairyNL), based in The Hague, where he holds a staff position in dairy market information and labour issues.

By now, Mr. Jansen has developed more than 17 years of experience in the dairy sector. In his capacity as international dairy market analyst he contributed as a speaker to previous IDF conferences in Shanghai (2006), Mexico-City (2008), Berlin (2009), Auckland (2010) and Cape Town (2012).

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