Jan Maarten Vrij


Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Jan Maarten Vrij is Director International Dairy Affairs at the Dutch Dairy Association (NZO).

He has an MSc and PhD from Wageningen University, The Netherlands.

Vrij joined the former Royal Dutch Dairy Federation in 1992 and the NZO in 1993. From 1983 until 1992 he worked with the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries in The Hague, where he was among others responsible for international policy on animal products.

The responsibilities of Jan Maarten Vrij at NZO include EU and national dairy policy, international trade and WTO.

Vrij is chair of the Trade and Economics Committee and member of the Special Committee of the European Dairy Association (EDA).

He is chair of the Netherlands National Committee of the International Dairy Federation IDF and chair of the Organizing Committee of the IDF World Dairy Summit 2016 Rotterdam.

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