Ingrid Damen


Ingrid is business manager at DSM Food Specialties responsible for DSM’s Food & Crop protection solutions. With a master’s degree in science and business administration and over 10 years of experience in the company, Ingrid has developed a profound insight of trends and industry needs. Interacting frequently with all kinds of dairies all over the world, she will present an overview of the needs of the industry as she sees it, the dilemma’s customers face and the choices they make on the topic of food protection.

DSM has a strong focus on innovation and sustainability and works with dairies and partners around the world to guarantee product safety or extend shelf life of Dairy products by using naturally derived ingredients.



This case will provide an overview of the technological and ingredient choices that are available to the dairy industry regarding food safety and protection against spoilage. The list of available processes and ingredients is long and new solutions are being developed all the time. But how do dairies make a choice between these different solutions? Why do they choose one over the other? What combinations are possible that are chosen by some?

Historically some process or ingredients were preferred for different industries, but requirements are changing in both directions – mainly driven by consumer trends and market developments. Typically, there is not the one ‘silver bullet’ when dealing with these dilemma’s. Several criteria however can be listed that can be used to help decision making.

This presentation will share examples of trends that are driving changes and dilemma’s around the options available. Solutions can be cost effective and provide the right level of protection, but do not provide a clean label. Other process treatments can help provide a clean label, but require big investments or impact taste. Making a conscious decisions based on trends, options and selection criteria, while being aware of future trends can help dairies better decide what is best for them.

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