Donatello Piras

Moderator & Presenter

Donatello performs daily as a moderator, conference moderator and presenter, especially when interactivity is an important part. As a television presenter, he worked for the Dutch business news

channel RTLZ where he hosts the Talkshow Z in Zaken. And he presents a weekly TV Column about Politics, Speeches and Debates in the Opinion Program Dunk on the same channel.

His energetic performances are characterized by professionalism, enthusiasm and focus. Like no other Donatello is able to challenge participants to listen critically, to express viewpoints or to reject them. In this way, he enables participants to exchange views in an open, competitive and fun way.

In addition Donatello provides workshops in the field of debating, presenting and persuasion for government officials, entrepreneurs and professionals, and teaches lawyers and tax advisors the art of argumentation. Donatello is a guest lecturer at a variety of institutions and universities. He has several publications to his name and regularly analyzes (political) speeches and debates for various media.

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