Dominique Poisson


Dominique POISSON is the Head of Media Services in the Communications Department and responsible for the European Milk Forum (EMF) at CNIEL (French Dairy Inter-branch Organization) . Involved in marketing activities, she is in charge of advertising campaigns targeted at consumers and health professionals and of social media communication activities. Within EMF, which brings together the dairy organizations of eight European countries, she in charge of the coordination of the multi-country programmes , most of them co-funded by the European Commission. Prior to that, she was Project Manager in CNIEL’s Nutrition and Health Services. Before joining CNIEL, Dominique Poisson worked for 10 years at INPES, the French Communication Agency for Public Health, as Account Manager.

She graduated from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques – IEP Paris (Political Sciences) and obtained a Master in Law at the University of Paris-Assas.



Let’s not forget milk producers, the people who make it possible!

A campaign to support French dairy farmers

Dominique Poisson, France, IMP Marketing Conference, IDF Rotterdam

Dairy is the most important agri-food sector in France, as in almost all countries across Europe. Dairy activities are the economic backbone of many French agricultural areas, and very often the only one. These activities contribute to employment, to the maintenance and conservation of rural landscapes, and to the preservation of biodiversity.

Since the abolition of the European milk quotas and in a context of globalization, the milk crisis and severe market imbalance have been affecting French dairy farmers. In addition to the economic problem, there is a need for a comprehensive response and solidarity.

The French Dairy Interbranch Organisation, Cniel, decided to implement a communication campaign with a double objective: to promote milk and dairy products and to demonstrate support to the dairy farmers. A challenge, as it aims at reaching three different targets: KOL including politician and retailers, the general public and dairy farmers.

Two recent surveys provided insights and awareness into how dairy farmers perceived themselves and how consumers see dairy farmers. Dairy farmers consider their activity as essential but half of them are not confident in the future. French consumers have confidence in dairy farmers (76 %) but half of them do not know how a dairy farm functions and what the cows eat.

Based on these thinkings, a tri media campaign was set up. On TV, we used an existing commercial promoting dairy products and added messages supporting dairy farmers and dairy activities. In the press, a print was used to develop the content further and online, digital assets to create a buzz.

The results were positive in terms of visibility (60% of French people remember having seen a campaign about dairy farmers and the milk crisis), comprehension (60% understood the messages well), likeability (85 % appreciated the support messages) and it encouraged consumers to eat more dairy products.

More importantly, dairy farmers were satisfied by the campaign and considered it to have played a vital role in the awareness of the milk crisis.

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