David Acheson


Dr. Acheson is the President and CEO of the Acheson Group. He graduated from the University of London Medical School in 1980 and subsequent became an Associate Professor at Tufts University and undertook basic molecular pathogenesis research.

Acheson became the Chief Medical Officer at the U.S. FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition in 2002, then Associate Commissioner for Foods, which gave him an agency-wide leadership role for all food issues. The Acheson Group is a consulting firm which provides strategic advice as well as recall and crisis management support to food companies globally.



Dealing with Operational, Regulatory and Reputational Risks

This session will focus on risk management in today’s food safety environment.  Specifically the session will focus on the assessment and management of three key areas of risk – operational risk, regulatory risk and reputational risk.   There are many factors that lead to risks in those growing, manufacturing,  processing or selling food.  The global risk environment is changing rapidly and food companies need to understand these risks and how to control them.  Specifically, areas of focus in each risk area include the following. Operational risk pertains to risks in the supply chain as well as the programs within a facility which includes all aspects of process control, record keeping, corrective actions, training, product tracking etc. Regulatory risk will focus on compliance with current regulatory requirements in the USA.  Reputational risk will focus on some recent examples of situations where food companies have had their reputations severely damaged, and thus their brand and bottom line damaged, as a result of ineffective crisis management.

For each of these areas the theme will be to look risk management from the perspective of what is good, what is better and what is best in class.  Attendees of the session will gain insights with regard to different levels of risk and how to control them. Failure to do this in today’s food safety environment can have significant consequences to a company’s brand.

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