Berndt Kodden


Berndt Kodden (42) is Managing Director of FrieslandCampina Branded the Netherlands since 2015. This operating company is responsible for all brands in the Netherlands as Campina, Optimel, Chocomel, Milner as well as Coolbest and Appelsientje. Berndt Kodden is working since 1999 at Royal FrieslandCampina of which 10 years in Asia being Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. He holds a Bachelor degree of Erasmus University Rotterdam, Master degree of University Groningen and MBA degree of NIMBAS/Bradford University. Berndt Kodden is married and has 3 children.



“Purpose driven marketing: opportunities and obligations”
“If you do what you did you will not get what you got”From a meaningful WHY through a practical HOW into a relevant WHAT

The European dairy market is not growing in large parts of the continent. Whereas the penetration and average consumption of dairy is relatively high hence the market substantial, it does not feature organic growth as visible in other parts of the world as for example Asia.

How to promote the dairy industry? If we do the same over again, should we expect results to differ? Purpose driven companies realize a higher performance across various industries and categories. What does this mean for dairy? How to translate a meaningful Why through a practical How into a relevant What for consumers in the dairy market? How to differentiate via dairy brands in the competitive landscape?
What are the opportunities and challenges of digitalization and emergence of new channels as e-commerce for FMCG food? The brick versus the click? Should we anticipate an incremental transformation or a disruptive change of business model?

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