Anders Sehested


Anders Sehested is educated from Imperial College, UK and the Technical University of Denmark with a master thesis on model predictive control in process plants. After various Marketing positions at one of the larger suppliers of PAT -process analytical technology, he joined GEA Group in 2013.

Since June 2015 Sehested has been innovation manager at GEA Product Technology Center specialization Drying, based in Soeborg Denmark.



Application of sensors & smart controls for efficient spray drying

With the increasing globalization of the dairy market, processors are looking for optimal valorization of milk. Dairy based powders for human consumption can provide high added value and thus have always gained focus for innovation from the industry.

Over the past years the focus on spray drying of milk products has been capacity driven and has resulted in production design optimization and upscaling capacities. This focus has resulted in spray drying plants with capacities up to 30 tonnes per hour. Today producers increasingly focus on process improvements by monitoring and controlling dynamically. Dynamic process control results in improved operational costs, higher product quality and safer installations.

The advent of new in line sensor technologies in combination with improved methods for determining powder stickiness behaviour has paved the way for accurate, dynamic optimization improving capacity utilization, yield, quality and safety.

This presentation provides an overview of the concepts and instrumentation developed to move from solely static to dynamic optimization of the spray drying process including real life examples from dairy powder plants.

1GEA, Soeborg, Denmark

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