Alex Strolenberg


Alex Strolenberg (45) is the Director Sensor Solutions at GEA. With almost 20 years of experience in automation and controls Alex brings a substantial amount of experience to automation in the dairy industry. His knowledge about production processes, development and manufacturing of automated systems and a large knowhow on sensing applications allows him to match technology with challenges the Dairy industry faces. Alex has held several positions in the high-tech automation industry like product management, product development and Technology Scouting.



Dairy Farming 4.0 – How the digital change can improve animal welfare

Digitalization has already started to enter the field of milk production. It changes value chains, business models and relationships between the individual market participants. A big part of the business changes are directly or indirectly affecting the animal in the agritechnical system. Animal welfare, animal health and performance are the outstanding discussion points in the current market situation of dairy farms.

The digitalization enables this discussion to be more specific now and to break with general views regarding quantity and quality of dairy farming. With the digital solutions, provided to the single animal as well as to the farm system in various fields, new opportunities are now being offered to all partners of the value chain from dealers to end customers. Especially the health status of the animals, one of the key success, but variable factors of the dairy farm can be managed more proactively rather than reactively. Means, the new technologies like automated processes, self-learning systems, monitoring tools, and the widened system focus in collaborating cross-manufacturer product systems with open standards are helping to raise animal welfare and to make the animal health status more manageable and predictable. It’s about how to turn big data in smart data in a holistic farm system to the benefit of the animal and the farmer.

    1GEA, Automation & Controls – Sensor Solutions, Bakel, The Netherlands 

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