Dairy Declaration of Rotterdam








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The dairy community accepts sustainability challenge

We, representatives of the one billion person global dairy community, gathered in Rotterdam at the World Dairy Summit, are committed to the sustainable development of the dairy sector to generate widespread benefits for people and the planet.

We recognize:

  • the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as the overarching framework that guides our actions towards sustainable development from a social, environmental, economic and health perspective;
  • the vital role of dairy for food security and poverty reduction and the important livelihood and development opportunities for family farmers, small holders and pastoralists;
  • the critical contribution the dairy sector makes to Sustainable Development, including:
    • the essential role of dairy products for balanced, nutritious and healthy diets;
    • the major contribution that dairy makes to countries’ economies, income, employment and livelihood
    • the key function of the dairy sector in the management of terrestrial ecosystems and the need to address environmental degradation and climate change, and to support biodiversity;
  • the diversity of dairy production systems and dairy breeds, contexts and priorities;
  • the need for continuous and open dialogue and joint actions at all levels.


We agree to:

  • Take an integrated approach to promote the sustainability of dairy systems, jointly taking into consideration social, economic, health and environmental dimensions;
  • Give particular attention to the needs of family farmers, small holders and pastoralists;
  • Build, implement and disseminate tools and guidelines to facilitate the identification and adoption of sustainable practices in the dairy sector;
  • Build capacity in support of sustainable practices and provide enabling conditions;
  • Measure and report on sustainability outcomes.
  • Strengthen multi-stakeholder dialogue for consensus building, reviewing progress and continuous improvement.

Rotterdam, 19 October 2016