The IDF Prize of Excellence 2016

The IDF Prize of Excellence 2016 went to Dr Sandra Casani. Thanks to Dr Casani leadership this work led to the release of a new joint International Dairy Federation (IDF)/International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standard (ISO 19344|IDF 232) providing a method for the quantification of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) by flow cytometry in fermented products, starter cultures, and probiotics used in dairy products.
Quantification of LAB is important in assessing the quality of starter cultures, probiotics and fermented milk products. Examination of LAB in these products can be carried out following different methods, with plate count techniques being the most traditional and widely used. Newer techniques include flow cytometry, which is able to determine the proportion of active cells and/or total units.

This IDF/ISO project relied on the participation of producers and users of LAB as well as experts and users of flow cytometry from both industry and academia. This reflects the need and support for such a standard, which is crucial for obtaining general acceptance by the industry and for getting the recognition of this methodology by regulatory bodies.

The report of the collaborative study is published in the Bulletin of the International Dairy Federation No. 478/2015.
This award is a mark of recognition and appreciation for outstanding work and involvement in the IDF Programme of Work in accordance with the following five concepts: speed, worldwide visibility, impact, focus and transparency.

Dr Sandra Casani is a worthy recipient of the IDF Prize of Excellence 2016. Join us in congratulating her for her major contribution to the work programme of the International Dairy Federation!