Dairy Declaration signed by FAO and IDF

Three days of sessions in this IDF World Dairy Summit were closed with signing the Declaration of Rotterdam: a comprehensive statement on the key contributions and commitments of the dairy sector towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. IDF President Jeremy Hill and Assistant Director General of the FAO Ren Wang explained the importance […]

The IDF Award 2016

The IDF Award 2016 went to Prof. Jelen (CA), Dr Kelly (IE) and Dr Marshall (NZ). The 2016 IDF Award was presented to three outstanding nominees: Prof. Jelen (CA), Dr Kelly (IE) and Dr Marshall (NZ). The first nominee, Prof. Paul Jelen has been awarded the IDF Award for his notoriety through his many and […]

The IDF Prize of Excellence 2016

The IDF Prize of Excellence 2016 went to Dr Sandra Casani. Thanks to Dr Casani leadership this work led to the release of a new joint International Dairy Federation (IDF)/International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standard (ISO 19344|IDF 232) providing a method for the quantification of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) by flow cytometry in fermented products, […]

Yves Boutonnat IMP Trophy Award 2016

Any organization involved in generic dairy marketing can become a member of the International Milk Promotion group (IMP), and today IMP has approximately 17 member countries. The IMP group is a permanent Task Force of IDF through the Standing Committee on Marketing. Our main strategic interests are to exchange information about marketing developments in the […]

Plenary session: lactose intolerance

What’s the role of dairy products in Palaeolithic diets? Mark Thomas, professor of Evolutionary Genetics at University College London, shared his considerations on the relevance of perspectives such as the Palaelothic diets, and lactose intolerance that is often part of the discussion. Mark Thomas: the benefits of dairy Thomas emphasised that there is very limited […]

Plenary session: the dairy footprint

The dairy footprint is too high. Jason Clay, senior vice president for food markets at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) answers a clear “Yes” on this statement. Jason Clay: increase productivity and efficiency His starting point is the main challenge facing us: to produce enough food for more than 9 billion people by 2050, when everyone […]

Jeremy Hill – Dairy’s Global Impact and Importance

I said in Opening that I was sure we would look back at this Summit as a landmark event in the history of dairy and through the critical role that dairy must play towards global sustainability it needed to be at the centre of the global agenda. Under the Summit theme Dare to Dairy our […]

IDF and IFAC sign Memorandum of Understanding

The International Food Additives Council (IFAC) and the International Dairy Federation (IDF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to promote the global harmonization of food additives and food ingredients for milk and milk products. Specifically, IFAC and IDF have agreed to cooperate in submitting relevant science-based information and positions to intergovernmental organizations such as Codex […]

Plenary session: animal welfare

Robin Ganzert, CEO of the American Humane Association and Hans Hopster, Animal Welfare Theme Leader at Wageningen Universtiy & Research addressed the issue of animal welfare in the dairy industry. Animal welfare has become increasingly complex, as modern intensive farming practices have grown. Animal welfare is therefore a process of continuous improvement and farmers are […]

Plenary session: vegetables versus dairy

What are the opportunities and threats for dairy as an element in our everyday diets? This key question has been addressed by Professor Hans Mommaas, Director General of the Netherlands Environment Assessment Agency. He elaborated on the changing European sector and how cows are being kept nowadays. Resource-smart food system On the one hand, dairy […]