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Dutch Agri Food Week
12 – 25 October PastedGraphic-3

Dutch Agri Food Week is an annual event that takes place in October on and around World Food Day. During the event, farmers, businesses in the supply and processing chain, retailers, public bodies and scientists from all over the Netherlands will come together to find out how they might contribute towards safe, healthy and appetising food and what is necessary in the supply chain – from crop to tabletop – in order to achieve this. By opening its doors – quite literally – and demonstrating transparency, the food sector is aiming to intensify its ties with a wider public. Dutch Agri Food Week is intended for anyone with an interest in food and food innovation, both as a professional and a consumer.


World Food Day index
16 October

World Food Day is the new festival on ‘wereldvoedseldag’ a Dutch festival on Sunday 16th October. As a visitor, you get an exclusive look behind the scenes of the Rotterdam region, and doors will open for you which are normally closed. Go into the greenhouse with a tomato grower, discover how oranges are deliverd in our country through the harbor, learn how to cook by a famous TV chefs like Rudolph van Veen, say something in the talk shows or simply come by for good food and some dancing at the Schouwburgplein.